Dynamic instances


This is a demo that I’ve implemented to test instanced rendering with dynamic color changes and separete physics calculations for each instance.

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Looks great! :slight_smile:

what’s the application for this? I’m curious. I have my own instancing thing, I only have transform, so i’m curious what the color is for, in your case?

Thanks! It’s just for test purposes, there’s not a real app going on :slight_smile:

Hey this is cool. Reminds me of one of those old school games where stuff is falling (like food) but you have to catch it and build a burger in order to win… usually it’s just left to right but with this you can move back in forth in z space…or something like that.

Thank you :blush: This is not supposed to be a game, I did this just to demonstrate dynamic instancing with physics stuff but I totally get your point and how this might turn into a game.