DRM (Digital Right Management) Do you have a way to protect rocording or screenshot on threejs like a netflix behavior?

I have wondered about how to protect threejs canvas screen, i have seen a Netflix that when you try to record video or capture video or share screen on Discord or other platforms , So i would like to ask a way to protect the “canvas” element

Netflix uses widevine I think.

Widevine - Wikipedia.

It works on video playback only afaik.

So no. Your canvas is wide open. Except… for crossorigin… if someone is trying to access your canvas from an iframe or something, that will fail. Just enough security to prevent leaking images to a hostile embedding app, but no protection against the user screenshotting or whatnot.

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It’ll be tricky to implement with cross browser / device support but an option would be to try to capture some sort of reference to a devices
screen capture / screen recording events :grimacing:🫨 and simply clear the renderer / paint the canvas blank before the image is caught, this’ll be a pain to create support for cross device screen recording events I’d imagine.