Dream Scape Esque Scrolling Portfolio Site


The theme is Dream Scape but with holograms. Nothing is suppose to be in your face flashy and it’s overall a calming site. It showcases my work and has transitions through each page. You can also scroll through the three main pages seamlessly (should be).

Hope y’all like it!

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that’s cool, troublesome accessing some of your projects but nonetheless really neat to navigate and interact with! great work.

Hey @Lawrence3DPK appreciate the feedback. Just trying to make it better. Is it scrolling too fast for you on the projects listing page? And also are you using a mouse or track pad?

Thanks so much!

not at all, it’s really quite smooth, using a standard keyboard / mouse setup on desktop, i think what i’m referring to is actually by design…

was hoping for some hyperlinks to experience the projects you’d previously built… was it intentional to leave those out and can we simply search the web for these?

Yeah that was me being cheap and not paying for hosting so its not up at the moment. But now that you mention it, I could probably take advantage of vercel’s free plan for these experiments.