Drag issue with glb model

Hello , i was work in drag with animation and drop in specific place , but when i apply drag control on glb model it drag every single mesh alone and never drop it , any help plz?
pre issue:Drag and drop only on specific place - #2 by Mugen87

Maybe you need to create invisible box. add to him model. And check intersection with him and move him .

thank you for replay but hoe i can make it while drag the ferst box , second box is dragged too

After this: aabb.copy(mesh1.geometry.boundingBox).applyMatrix4(mesh.matrixWorld);
Add this: mesh1.position.copy(mesh);

Thank’s it’s working but there is last problem like https://jsfiddle.net/mec8gu17/3/ when i make another box transparent

I don’t know. May be to comment this:
// transparent: true,
// opacity: 0, color: 0x0000ff

the proplem is : it should be


Done: index.html (2.7 KB)