Drag and Drop multiple glb model

Hello, I am trying to implement drag-and-drop functionality on multiple glb models. I have created a function that inputs- modelPath, dragBoxSize, scale, position, and movement restrictions. These function then implements drag and drop using dragControls.
But the code doesn’t seem to run, and I am not able to solve the issue.
The reference of the approach used is: Drag Controls with GLTF Animation
The code : Dragcontrol multiple models
Thanks for your help in advance! Greatly appreciated.

Look up videos by Genka on YouTube, he had a video on drag and drop in three js…however it is in type script

Thank you, I tried writing the function again. It is working now.

great, glad it works

Related - simple-dropzone - easy and quick to setup, supports .gltf / .glb / .zip, both embedded and external textures.