DRACOLoader error when updating to three r124

Hi All,

Is anyone familiar with this error that appears after updating to the latest three version (124)?


Downgrading to r118 solved this. Still not sure what changed between the versions that affected this.

I am using Three r124 on this page and I have no problem
DRACO Loader - Three.js Tutorials (sbcode.net)
Press the <> button in the working demo in the above link to see the source code.

The version of the Draco library included with three.js was updated, along with the use of that library in THREE.DRACOLoader. If your Draco decoder is out of date (or copied out of the examples/ folder from an older version of three.js) you’ll need to update it.

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Thanks, yes, that was the issue. The decoder was copied to a different folder.