[DRACOLoader] Decoding failed: Unknown minor version

Hello All,

I have compiled draco_encoder from the latest official git repo, I am using this encoder to convert some OBJ files to drc. I am using THREE.DRACOLoader to load this drc files, but i am getting Unknown minor version error.

I tried looking for way to find version number supported, but didnt had any luck.

Anyone has any idea how to check the version number support for decoder and encoder.

** Note I am not using gltf loader, since i have certain custom needs like supporting custom materials and shaders.


Could you share a file that has this problem?

Please read the following issue for more information:

@Mugen87 I went through that issue before posting here.

@looeee here is the file i am trying to load.
bottom_standard_backleft.drc (86.4 KB)

I am trying to look for a way to find version numbers, so i can encode files correctly

I don’t know if you can see the version number in the source files. But you definitely know the version of your encoder. DracoLoader uses a bunch of JS and WASM files for client-side decoding. Does it work if you replace these files in the three.js repository with files matching your encoder version? The following link leads to the latest ones.

Also see https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/pull/14635#discussion_r207624962

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Thanks @Mugen87 for the suggestion, it worked, ( silly me couldnt think it :disappointed: :disappointed: )