Dracoloader doesnt load compressed obj. in app


When running the dracoloader example of three.js in the browser, it shows the bunny and everything is fine. But when replacing the bunny.drc with an obj-model , which i compressed with draco and replacing the codeline “bunny.drc” by “myobject.drc”, it will not show the object. When loading the object in the three.js editor, it shows up. What do i have to do to make it showing up in the example scene, too? Is there a problem with decoding?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please provide information to reproduce the problem, and share any errors in your JS console or developer tools network tab.

If one .drc file works and another .drc file does not, there’s something different about the files or the URLs that would be hard to guess without seeing.

When i do console.log(errors) in the error function of the load procedure, it prints out this error twice.

I just encoded an .obj file with draco console commands into a .drc file and replaced the bunny.drc file with the output.drc file. The obj. file was pretty huge (100MB) and was encoded to a 7MB draco file. In three.js editor it is actually no problem.

It looks like you’re printing the result of the onProgress callback, not the onError callback?

sorry… here

Hm, I’m not sure I can see enough in that screenshot.

Also – are you sure you’re loading the model only once? Loading the same .drc file twice might cause a problem.

I literally just swapped out the bunny and the object.
Ok now i added the onerror function :smiley: , but yeah thats it.
It has to do something with the decoders, hasnt it? In the three.js editor it works (its extremly huge model u can barely see it because its so big, but it works)

btw i added this, too, but yeah theres no model

            mesh.scale.x = 0.1;
            mesh.scale.y = 0.1;
            mesh.scale.z = 0.1;

BTW. i can share the model with you on a private way but i dont want to make it public

Still do not understand, why the model cant be loaded, but in three.js editor its no problem.