DRACOLoader does not load multiple texture coordinates

I have a .drc file with multiple texture coordinates.

But DRACOLoader seems to load only the first texture coordinates into uv. I can’t find my second texture coordinates uv2 in my BufferGeometry.

I expect it to have “uv2” as well. How can I make DRACOLoader to load the rest of texture coordinates?

I’m not sure whether the .drc format supports multiple texture coordinates. Or if it did, you’d have to unpack the file yourself to tell it which of the remaining attributes are UVs. How are you making the .drc file? I thought they were usually made by compressing a .obj, and .obj definitely only supports one UV set.

One thing you can do, though, would be to export a glTF (.gltf or .glb) file, then apply Draco compression to that using glTF-Pipeline or Blender. It’ll still be a glTF file, but would have Draco compression on the geometry, and would support any number of UV sets.

Thank you for answering. I think you are right. I was looking at a highly customized .drc file that is used only in a specific protocol where uv2 is being encoded/decoded in their own way.