DracoLoader not load texture


i have a problem witha GLB file. If a export the file compress with DRACO from Blender with the UV Map, then when i load in threejs the parts with UV do not appear.

Without Draco:

With Draco

con draco

here the code:

var loader = new THREE.GLTFLoader(manager);
THREE.DRACOLoader.setDecoderPath( ‘modelos/draco/gltf/’ )
loader.setDRACOLoader( new THREE.DRACOLoader() );


function (gltf) {

theModel_75 = gltf.scene;

txt = new THREE.TextureLoader().load(“textura/madera.png”);
new_mtl = new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial( { map: txt } );



Any Idea?

I believe this was a problem in older versions of Blender, do you know which version you’re using here?

Another option would be to export without compression, then add compression afterward with something like the https://gltf.report/ script editor.

With new version runs ok.


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