Does React reconciliation mechanism works for react-three-fiber

I want to know about react-three-fiber working aspects more deep and i can’t find any interesting and deep topics about that trying to googling. And now i want to find answers how works react-three-fiber state management, reconciliation mechanism and components life cycle methods ?


a mini threejs renderer

react, the library, is not tied to any platform, it just lays out what a component is and how it works. it is always paired with a renderer, for instance react-dom, react-windows, react-macos, etc. the renderer is a small form basically, it tells react about native host elements (div, span, mesh, group, etc), these are later lowercase in your code, it tells it how events work, colors, etc.

in fibers case it’s just that, a form that tells react about meshes and so on. this is why it doesn’t need maintenance when three changes, updates, removes or adds features, fiber will just work.

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Hi, I don’t know if it can be helpful for you and maybe you’ve already seen it but here there is the documentation about react-three-fiber,
and if you have some questions you can join the discord channel Discord

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Woow thank you for this link. I didn’t find it. Good

Ok thank you i will try find answers of my questions in it. good

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