Does camera clipping filter pre-render

I am working on a opengl application that runs a small tablet using an intel CPU only. I am trying to optimize the draw call. The camera clipping is occuring after the render call. Does three js clip the scene prior to rendering.

Are you referring to frustum culling? If so, each Object3D has a .frustumCulled property you can set to true or false (default is true). If it’s within the camera’s frustum, it gets rendered. If it’s out of view, the drawCall for that object is skipped.

Thats exactly what i was wondering. Do you have a link to this code?

You can probably dig through .webglRenderer.js It looks like it’s creating a Frustum instance (found in math/Frustum.js), and checking frustum.intersectsObject(object) to determine whether to render it or not.