Does anyone have experience with texture bombing?

I generate 3 displacement textures in every frame for an ocean. I use the three textures for cascading. But what is still needed is an effective mechanism to break the texture tiling.
I thought of texture bombing. This works quite well in the fragment shader with dFdx and dFdy. But I need the mechanism analogously in the vertex shader so that the effect in the vertex shader with the displacement textures is synchronous with the normal textures in the fragment shader. In the fragment shader I have dFdx and dyFdy so that I can work with this for texture bombing:

But in the vertex shader there are no dFdx and dFdy. Does anyone know of an analogous function to dFdx and dFdy in the vertex shader?

I’m not sure this is precisely what you’re looking for, since it is solved on the fragment side of things, but simondev had a topic about this in his tri-planar mapping explanation. The implementation isn’t really difficult. You can check it out here:

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He uses exactly the code from the side but without the mip-mapping witch makes dFdx und dFdy neccessary. Then I will be able to do it also without mip-mapping and so without dFdx and dFdy. Thanks Harold

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From 1000m altitude. Of course there is still a lot todo, but step by step. The tiling is hardly noticeable anymore.

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Looking good! :grin: