Displaying multiple views of same scene in separate canvas

I have created a small project where the user can upload their models into three js to rotate or translate a model in the scene. I want to provide the user with information regarding what the model looks like from each plane at all times (2D view of model from each side). So it is essentially a separate canvas with a camera fixed to observing how the model looks like from a specific plane (x-y, y-z, x-z planes). Since the camera for these separate canvas should be fixed to the model, if the user rotates the model around, the separate canvas should also show those transformations occurring.

My first thought was to create multiple renderers for 3 separate canvases for the plane views and add the same models to all 3 scenes but with a fixed camera to the model. However, this approach seems to require loading the model at least 4 times (1 time in the main canvas and each time in the 3 separate canvas). Is there a better approach to displaying multiple views of the same scene?

If you want to reflect the model’s rotation in each viewport, the camera would have to be fixed wrt each viewport. A camera that’s fixed to a model will rotate along with the model, i.e. show it always from the same direction.

Have a look at the .setViewport() method of the renderer.