Different repeat/offset for metalnessMap and color textures

Hello, I’m using two different texture in the same material, for map and metalnessMap
as seen here: https://jsfiddle.net/Omiod/3bgqfcrx/27/

I’d like the two textures to be differently scaled and positioned (the smile to be quite smaller and the checkboard texture to cover all the geometry) but the settings of the texture used for the colormap always prevail.

The two lines commented with “not used” are in fact, not considered, and the checkboard get shrunk to the size of the smile.

The simplest solution would be to have both textures of the same size and adequately drawn, but this does not scale well as I was planning to have a lot of very small textures (16x16) where you now see the smile.
Having all them to the checkboard size (potentially 512x512) would consume a lot of memory.

So I’m asking for an alternative solution.
Thank you.

Unfortunately, it’s a limitation of the engine that you can only have a single repeat/offset configuration per uv channel. Hence, the texture repeat and offset values of the diffuse map are also used for the metalness map.

You can only workaround this by modifying the engine or by using the experimental NodeMaterial.

Thank you, then I’ll dig into this https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_materials_nodes.html
(no official docs, right?)

No. But it is planned to use a node material approach for the new WebGPURenderer. So with enough time and patience, this use should go away^^.