Detecting between VR and AR sessions


Can anyone point me to a code example for adding a custom event listener to the VR and AR Buttons to detect between immersive-ar and immersive-vr sessions? Is there something like sessionstart and sesssionend event listener that I can call? If not, how would I extend the current ARbutton or VRbutton scripts to detect?

Can’t you just use this simple pattern?

let xrMode = '';

const button = ARButton.createButton( renderer );
document.body.appendChild( button );

button.addEventListener( 'pointerdown', function() {

    xrMode = 'ar';

} );

You do the same for VRButton but set xrMode to vr instead. In this way, you know which button was pressed last.

Excellent! Thank you!

@Mugen87 I got a version of this working and can toggle between VR and AR modes, thanks!

The issues I’m running into now is that when I go from AR mode to VR mode I’m in the floor. I tried directly setting my XRpawn group that I created as well as the camera manually on start/stop but I think it has something to do with local space being set by the ARButton to ground level and I can’t figure out how to force VR mode again when selecting the VRButton?

Any ideas on areas I could look, things to try?


I think I figured out a solution. On ar session end I set the reference space back to local-floor and that seems to work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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