Dental 3D stl based animation

Hello guys, has anyone had experience implementing animation of stl files into a website? Let’s say there are 20 stl files. There are small changes on each file. I want the user to be able to press the play button, and the user can see how the model changes from start to finish. He could also stop at one of the models and twist and turn. This is for an orthodontics project.

Or how can this be done more easily?

An easy and ugly solution is to preload all STL models into an array and then show only one of them via the Object3D.visible property. In this way you can quickly change one model with another.

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hey, I did exactly as you said! However, got some unexpected iteration order, at each iteration I’m using setInterval. Some pairs of STLs are become visible in incorrect order, but the iterator or counter of the loop is indexing in the right order

That might be an issue with what order your models are being loaded in? They aren’t guaranteed to finish loading in order unless you explicitly wait for each one to finish before starting the next load…

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