Decal that follows cursror?


Is it possible to make a decal that follows cursor?

I’m making a showroom with point & click movement and I have a plane mesh with a circle texture that follows the mouse.

But I would want the circle indicator to distort along the showroom geometry. This would be possible with decals, but I can’t figure out how to make a decal that is oriented downwards and follows the cursor.

Have you tried modifying the existing DecalGeometry? Since it works fine on click it should definitely be possible to modify it to work on mouse move instead, though depending on the complexity of the target mesh performance might not be ideal.

Sadly I don’t have any idea how I would even go about doing that. Any pointers?

I tried to make a mesh using the DecalGeometry and then moving the mesh like I’m moving my current Plane mesh, but it seemed to just freak out and not work at all.