Missing decal vertexes in some cases

Hi guys, I’m new to ThreeJS and recently started using DecalGeometry to project some artworks onto clothes. The flow is that on the first click, I will be able to add an artwork onto a cloth, then I can move the artwork around by updating the decal with new geometry created from new mouse location. The issue is that part of the artwork is cut off at some point and I can’t figure out the reason why it’s doing so. If anyone has an idea what this issue is, please help. TIA.

I’m seeing a very similar thing, depending on where I click on the mesh sometimes part of the decal get cut off

Think I found the solution, you need to increase the depth of the decal size to compensate for the uneven surface, as the decal box has to intersect

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Hi @dottodot, can you elaborate more on the depth of the decal size and how you went about increasing it? Thanks a lot