Custome TransformControls that lets you add any arbitrary axis

custome transform Axis
I have extended the TransformControls functionality, which allows to add any defined axis. Defining the axis direction has become more convenient using a vector. Moreover, you can create multiple custom transfer axes using the method addCustomTransferAxes(axisDirList: Vector3).

interactive demo with code coming soon


Got a link?

where is it?

Does it allow rotation around arbitrary axis?

Does it allow scaling along arbitrary axis?

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Currently, it only allows transfering. But the concept can easily be appkied to rotation and scaling. I have only extended it just enough for a required task, but if i see enough interest here, i might add rotation and scaling

Excellent. Iā€™d love to see the implementation of scaling and rotation, as long as they have the potential to skew geometries like in the following illustration (it shows scaling along a diagonal axis so that a square becomes a rhomboid).

AFIK that is skewing and not scaling. scaling would just scale the object in proportion to the cosine of X,Y and Z of the axis you defined.