Custom TransformControls help request

I have a lightly customized TransformControls script which displays a visually modified gizmo for rotating, scaling, and transforming objects:
transformControls.js (51.2 KB)
Right now, you can set mode to combined, which allows you to see and manipulate the rotate and translate GUI gizmos at the same time. I would like to add scaling to that mode (which already exists as a stand-alone scale mode, but then everything else is invisible), similar to what you see in Blender, and similar applications. I’m having trouble reading the source code however, and after messing around for a few hours, I’ve just about given up. I’m sure it would be a simple modification, but for whatever reason my brain isn’t letting me latch on to this one. Would anyone here be willing to do me a favor and add the scaling gizmo to combined mode for the attached script?