Bounding Box Transform Control

Do you know any ready-made solution to achieve such an effect? I especially care about transforming the 2d object (moving/rotating/scaling). Of course I know that there is TransformControl, but is there a possibility to use its logic and to change UI of this feature?


Nope, at least not in the official helpers.

It shouldn’t be that hard to modify TransformControls, though. You can duplicate the file from examples and basically add a single Box3Helper (example) with 12 box meshes around the edges - then move drag events from axes helpers of the original controls to these boxes.

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Thanks! After some research I’ve decided to write custom solution:)

I’m currently trying to do the same thing - have had some success, but when I rotate the object the corner handles no longer work. I think its due to the parent group rotation, but hard to figure out how to fix it - did the original poster get any further with this?