Custom new custom 3D object with coordinates


I cant find an example how draw my custom 3D object with coordinates.
So, ideally, add multiple X, Y and Z coordinates, everything would connects and fill with color.

For example, a letter “Z” in 3D (not a text), as custom 3D object with coordinates.

It is possible?


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One more or less obvious issue here: How do you define which vertices build a face? Just having a bunch of points is not enough to render a shape.

You can compute the convex hull around this set of points and generate a geometry via ConvexGeometry like demonstrated in this example:

But as you can see, it’s an enclosing shape around the points. If you have a set of points representing the vertices of a letter (e.g. “Z”), it’s not possible to use this approach in order to get the intended shape. The required faces have to be defined manually.