Cube 11, 3D Sliding puzzle game


I’m happy to share my release of Cube 11, a game I released on the Apple App Store in October. I couldn’t have done it without three.js. Cube 11 is a highly addictive and challenging 3d sliding puzzle game.

Id love to know what you guys think.

Cube11 Official website
Cube11 in the Apple Store


Really fantastic game!! Love the zen design!

Could you tell everyone a little about your process for porting your work to iOS?


Nothing special. I use Apache Cordova to make an Xcode project.

So Cordova is able to manage WebGL and convert it for mobile app? That’s a great news!
I used Cordova for a lot of projects but i never thought about WebGL uses.

Yeah, it can be a little tricky with with the iOS WKWebview requirement and the use of textures and loading model files locally, but for this project the textures were simple and made at runtime using canvas and the puzzle was made up of primitives. All of my UI elements are HTML/CSS. The puzzle waz the only use of WebGL.

For my other game, Tapia, I had only 3 textures. they were so small is just used 64bit encoded strings right inline for the clouds, environment reflection and ocean. The models of the tiles are also directly described in code. Again the UI is HTML/CSS.