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Hey everyone, how’s it going? I’m a student at NYU and the founder of Club 4. I recently had a meeting with Mike Pell [the head of the Microsoft Garage] where I presented Club 4 to him. Which essentially is a web-3 google where users can search for 3d assets and connect to 3d worlds, that are created by Club 4 and other creators who have the power to make individual objects [that are marked as an original as opposed to a copy]:

  • A key: Gives access to exclusive content/opportunities/societies.
  • Editable: Gives a user the power to edit their creation on the site.
  • Downloadable: Gives a user the power to download the 3d assets

He [Mike Pell] loved it and asked if I could make a prototype! But here’s the gag…I CAN’T CODE! I’m more of the concept/vision guy who also makes the art and assets for Club 4. So I’m looking for a 3js wiz who can help me execute this idea. I already have all the assets that would be loaded into the engine for the prototype ready as well as a concept around them that is quite frankly…BONKERS while also exemplifying all aspects of Club 4 and introducing new concepts to the creator economy! I just need someone who can put them in a navigatable 3d space where users can edit objects, as well as connect every asset to the Club 4 search engine. If you’re interested please, please, please let me know so we can talk more about it. I am just a student so it would be unpaid for now, but it’s looking like it has the potential to be something big, and helping me out with this would definitely get you in at the ground level as a CTO with a fair amount of equity that I’m confident will pay off.

Much Love,

Saidou Sosseh [instagram: @sossehsworld, email:]

Not sure if this is at all helpful, but you might want to look at the structure of startup funding. Sounds like you are looking to get what in the industry is called a “seed round”.


a web-3 google where users can search for 3d assets and connect to 3d worlds

Hmm, a kind of “universe” of 3d worlds with a “meta” interface for searching through them you say?

I am just a student so it would be unpaid for now

Looked interesting until this point.

This is extremely common when you’re a developer - or at least it is for me - you get someone coming to you, breathless with excitement, and saying “I’m a concept/vision guy” and “I can’t pay you” and “I need you to build this thing for free so I can become a millionaire”.

You need to ask why someone would do this for you? An expert WebGL dev working freelance might expect to get paid $100-200k per year. What are you going to give that would match that value?

You’re saying you’ll provide equity. But you need to understand that pretty much all startups fail so this offer stinks. For most startups, it’s only a little better than going out and buying lottery tickets. Especially when the person behind the startup doesn’t code and has zero experience building either software projects or any other kind of successful business.

I’m sorry if this comes across as harsh. But you either need to provide a way, way, better business proposition, or get some funding and hire developers with real money, or find another student to work with. Name dropping some guy from Microsoft is not a business plan, unless that guy is also giving a you a million dollars or so to start the business.


Make it opensource and/or Kickstarter project.

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Thanks for the Idea, my guy!

Thanks for constructive criticism my brother, appreciate it, and you. I’m gonna start looking for some seed round investment. Hopefully, I can come back with a better offer :wink:

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Thanks, DuBois! Yeah, that was for sure helpful/needed. I’m looking into it now!

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