Create texture from image + shader

I’d love to get some guidance on how to approach the following scenario: I need to be able to load an image texture over the network, manipulate its pixel data, and then use the resulting image as the property of a material.

The specific use case is transforming an RGB image to grayscale (using some specific maths) and then assigning the result to a material as a texture map.

From my reading so far, it seems like in outline, one potential approach might be:

  1. Use a loader to load the initial texture
  2. Pass the texture into a ShaderMaterial. (It only needs to be re-rendered once after loading - it doesn’t change dynamically thereafter.)
  3. Render the result to a WebGLRenderTarget
  4. Assign the target to the property of the material

Does this sound the right way to be thinking about it? Any pointers to examples of how to efficiently process a 2D raster image as a texture and then wire it into a material would be great.

Thank you!

The outlined approach is correct.

In step 2, you normally want to apply the shader material to a plane mesh and then render with an orthograpic camera. I suggest you are using this setup:

In step 4 you assign the texture property of a render target to a material texture property, not the render target itself.

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Thank you @Mugen87! It’s been a long day (my first glsl, my first WebGLRenderTarget, etc.), but I got it working :slight_smile:


Maybe to patch a material is also an option?

@prisoner849 - ooh, that’s very elegant. I wonder if I’d still need the two stage approach though, as I want to use the grayscale output as a displacement map, so it would need to be grayscale already for the vertex shader (if I’m understanding how it works correctly).

Ah! In this case, yes, you better use two scenes.
I did something similar here: LightNoise (selective bloom + noise) With the using of a generated heightmap.

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hi @Mugen87, can you comment on why an orthographic camera is preferred here? is this a known limitation of rendering 3d texture?

as you can see from my question, I was able to render a 3D texture MIP view when using a orthograpic camera, but when using a perspective camera, it clips the boxgeometry’s faces at different angles. I just want to see if it is at all possible to render a 3D texture when using a perspective camera.