COVID-19 Viz 3D ~ Interactive 3D Globe ~ Update 2020-04-14

Hi people-in-a-pandemic

Full Screen stable: covid 19 viz 3d

Full Screen latest: covid 19 viz 3d/dev << where the action is

dev version for 2020-04-14 ~ loads both Hopkins and Wikipedia data in single chart, now shows Wikipedia tables, shows stats “in-world”, better pop-up user experience

The dev release is a work-in-progress

The concept of the web page is to help you get an overview of the current COVID-19 situation around the entire world in 3 seconds or less.

  • View the latest COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University GitHub repository with interactive 3D
  • Provide entry-level programming code - plain-vanilla JavaScript - anybody can copy and make better
  • Display all the data in seconds on any device then zoom and rotate and click to see the cases in 3D

Mentions with many comments

Coming next Done: will be more access to more detailed geoJSON files so we can show things like cases per capita and deaths per GDP.Access to fresher data during the course of the day. After that there’s likely to be some kind of animated timeline and county/province level details.

And what will be even more fun will be flamingos flying between the sticks and dolphins popping out of the Pacific Ocean. Fingers crossed the Redditers allow us to do this.

Why are there messages in the background?

An early visitor to our tracker raised this issue “Expressions of Hope
Oleg askeg “I wonder if we could show positive tweets and expressions of hope and gratitude for the courage of health workers around the world.”

What you see is our first attempt to give Oleg some delight.

  • Zoom out then rotate. Trying to read the messages on a phone is a little guessing game.
  • The text is huge and leaves much white space. This is so you are not totally distracted while looking at the data.

Awesome! Great project!
Although as fun as the idea of Dolphins sounds, I would prefer to limit such elements so that older hardware, phones etc have easier time interacting with the app

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Thank you for the kind words.

I am a designer. I have to think of the future - of what we can imagine that we will want devices to do next year or three years from now. So do allow me to fantasize.

Thank goodness my co-maintainer Paul is a builder. He gets crabby when stuff does not work on his antique iPhone. He will “mind the gap”.

So we will do things like checking how many milliseconds are left in the current RAF and the dolphins will stop leaping when you are interacting and so on.

But put it another way: if we don’t make keeping track of the numbers engaging then people will stop looking, and then stop caring, and then stop mitigating the virus.


As a creative person I definitely understand your feelings. Hell - I’d put jumping dolphins into any project if I could :smiley:

With that said, I don’t think lack of dolphins will keep any people away. The core of this app is being informative, presenting statistics in an interesting and engaging way - and it does it’s job very well! People clicking want to see Covid-19 stats. I would say, I wouldnt put jumping dolphins on a page where people just want to register to the doctor :dolphin:

While thinking of the future (WebGPU! :star_struck: ) is something, I think we all fantasize about here, I like to think about people in an office somewhere, using old computers, who either get amazed by your slightly lagging app and share it with all the people in the office OR the website is uninteractive for the first couple of seconds and they click away. And these edge-cases do happen.

Now, with ALL that said, it does run 60fps on my side (so good job! :heart:), and I dont currently have a weaker device for testing, so please take all that as just my mild input :slight_smile:


I usually agree, but there are already so many corona visualisations out there. I think it’s OK if this one adds a little flair :grin: :dolphin:


Holy so epic !!!
Good job

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Hi everybody

Thank you for all the engaged comments.

I don’t think today’s update will have dolphins. but, fingers crossed, it will begin to convey some uplifting aspects.

bye for now…


This demo relates to a very sad and distressing topic.

An issue posted on GitHub posed a unique point of view

Issue #5 Expressions of hope

u/loleg I’m not sure how best to describe this, but what I wish for in an interactive viz like this, is the ability to discover what’s hot and happening “out there”. For example, the home page of has more or less live messages from around the world. I wonder if we could show positive tweets and expressions of hope and gratitude for the courage of health workers around the world.

Since these words were posted I have been wondering how to turn a techie chart into something that expresses hope. This was not your your usual feature request. To a certain extent that was how the idea of flamingos and dolphins came in.

But that looked like it could get complicated too easily. Last night, the lightbulb turned on: use a skybox - with messages saved as JPG files.

New version uses the sky box to post six hopeful messages

Zoom out then rotate. Trying to read the messages is a little guessing game.

The text is huge and leaves much white space. This is so you are not totally distracted while looking at the data.

Also: uses a new geoJson so there’s a lot more stats such deaths/population or cases/gdp!

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Apparently, Null Island is the most protected region.


Yup! And we need more protected regions. “Flatten the curve!”


Amazing project. Thank you so much for sharing

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Mr.doob retweeted this screen capture. So we must be doing something fun.

Dev release is now showing over a month of new cases per day in a bar chart in top right when you mouseover a bar.

Would there a good way of showing this data in-world? Do you know of any examples that could point to an interesting way of showing the bar chart in 3D.


First of great job on this. you nailed it.
last night I was showing a friend and was going to send a request to dive in per day. great you pushed that out today.
however, I thought showing “recovered” data with green really enabled to visualize the progress from each country. I was actually getting ready to start a vlog around this page and track the progress, but without the GREEN positive data of recovered people, I loose the key progress I wanted to track and share with community: can you re-activate that layer?

Lastly, I had this question all along:
when we are shown recovered folks, is that number included in the total “diagnosed cases” ?

Thanks and great work.


I 100% agree with @Jay_E
Where are the green Recovered bars? Thats the most important statistic, representing hope.

Lastly, I had this question all along:
when we are shown recovered folks, is that number included in the total “diagnosed cases” ?

I too would love to know. Are deaths also included in the total?

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So yesterday was interesting. I was just finishing up what I thought was going to be a good, complete, kind f stable version, but then it all just broke and a green band appeared on the screen and more.

I investigated, It tuns that Johns Hopkins University decided to change the structure of the CSV files the post for public use on GitHub. The file for 2020-03-23 had fields rearranged and ne feels added, The file went from under 300 lines to over 2500 lines. In other words the new file has nothing at all to do with the previous files.

The changes had been announced. The change were announced the day before the changes were implemented in a GitHub issue.

One of the items in the announcement is:

  • We will no longer provide recovered cases.

When asked why, JHU responded

No reliable data source reporting recovered cases for many countries, such as the US

IMHO, there are a lot of countries that can adequately track the health of their citizens. Fingers crossed the US gets there one day. But, yes, tracking wellness is nor easy, So I can see JHU giving up.

So what are we to do? Well, we must learn to track the number of new cases or new deaths per day. These are the curves we are trying to flatten. Now I’m not sure how I did this but between then and now there is a new viewer is is smaller, faster and smarter

You can compare the curves for Italy and China



Use your cursor keys to select dates in the left menu to create kind of a slow animation of the spread of the virus day by day and more.

Other things worth noting

The new chart does not have US states data. Fear nor. We will get states data available soon. And, fingers crossed we get all the counties. Then all the provinces in Poland and cantons in Switzerland and so on.

The bars are scaled algorithmically. currently the scale for cases and deaths is 0.2 * Math.sqrt( height ). Both deaths and cases have their origins at the radius of the globe. The scale of new cases and new deaths may be termed as “whimsical” or a work-in-progress.

Clicking the telephone only gets you a single message. Further releases should have multiple randomly selected messages spoken in the language as detected by the browser.

The dolphins (see previous message) are waiting in the green room, but my sister suggested a really good easter egg that I can add fairly easily.

60 fps? We’ve been lucky so far. Fingers crossed we keep up a good speed.

And, remember, there is at last one new stable release per day and it must have new features and/or new content, Click the octocat icon top left for details

@Jay_E & @DolphinIQ

Have I answered you good comments OK?

Yes Theo,thank you for the details.
My question then is:

Where /who still shares “recovered cases”… may be another data integration but will be fundamental…

Also, did you find out if (when they had them) the recovered people were included in the total diagnosed cases? That question really been bugging me.


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Normal first world countries with health care for all nationals are probably keeping “recoveries” statistics. But:

World Health Organization is not tracking recoveries

The USA with its fifty fiefdoms of health does not appear to be tracking recoveries. Here are 50 “report cards” for the way the states are handling their covid data:

But the COVID-19 Viz3D page is very much about being able to send out a positive hopeful message. We need to see green somewhere!!!

What you think of the following idea?

If the number of new cases yesterday is lower than the moving average of the three days prior then the cases bar should be green rather than red.

If the number of new deaths yesterday is lower than the moving average of the three days prior the the deaths bar should be purple instead of black.

Hahah!! I like your approach Theo!
I am afraid the green data of recovered people would be like no other.

Let’s let it sink for a couple of days see what other members may come up with…

meanwhile, I will keep processing…


Just saw the greens are back!
Great job!

Thanks theo!! :+1::+1::+1::muscle::muscle::partying_face:


@theo: county local data being worked on by New York Times.

:wink: check your email.


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