COVID-19 Outbreak statistics

Hi all
I’d like to introduce my little project, which shows the current situation of Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak by countries. Data is collected from WHO.


Looks great (technically speaking :sweat_smile:), good job.

One thing I would change is to have the landmass actually on the ocean, rather than hovering just above it. That looks a bit odd to me.


:smiley: I wanted to extrude it a bit

Mongolia is doing surprisingly well, considering its location.

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It must be the Great Wall of China :cn:

As for the app I think its great. Really nice example of data visualization. Numbers also checked out according my country’s news :+1:


Cool, which website/api do you get the data from? Will it update daily/hourly whatever.

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Yeah what looeee said, but when i zoom in it spins around sometimes.


He said the data comes from the W.H.O. I compared to the WHO dashboard map and the numbers seem kind of close, but not an exact match. His numbers seem closer to the Johns Hopkins map although still not an exact match. I’m getting:

  • Martin’s map total cases: 98,061
  • WHO map total cases: 95,270
  • Johns Hopkins total cases: 97,876

The data is coming from his own server so it’s hard to tell when it was last updated. It would be helpful to know where it’s coming from, when it was last updated, and also what the orange/red color differentiation means.

From a technical standpoint, I noticed some funny glitches with the raycasting when the mouse is in between borders :smile::
Raycasting Raycasting2


I was adding multiple sources to the backend script, including WHO, JH and worldometers. I’m trying to get more details from different source, so user can zoom into country’s state like here

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