Covid 19 - simulation & dataviz

Hi there :wave:,

I’ve been a long time reader but never dared post on these forums… So this is going to be a first for me.

Back to the topic :
I’m happy to share with you guys two projects I completed in the past few weeks… Having some time on my hand :upside_down_face:. The aim was to work on something contextual and keep learning at the same time.

#1 - Covid 19 spread simulation
Url : STAY HOME - Covid-19 - Quarantine Simulation
How it works : this is a city block simulating people going about their daily lives. One inhabitant is infected with Covid 19. By default, behaviour is set to “not respect quarantine/secure tips”. Just hit the “start” button and watch how fast the infection spread.
Then play with the GUI, tweak the behaviour and hit play again.

#2 - Covid 19 dataviz
Url : Covis 19 - Dataviz experiment
How it works : pretty straightforward. This is an animated dataviz showing the evolution of the infection from feb to april.
Data source : Opendatasoft

Although these two projects are “done”, I’ll be glad to read any sort of feedback, as my main motivation is to keep learning and progressing.

Thanks :blush: