Correct Three.js to Blender camera transfering


I would like to transfer my PerspectiveCamera from Three.js to Blender as precise as possible.

I created a simple scene with camera in Three.js editor, exported the scene as GLTF and then imported it to Blender. Unfortunately, “camera frames” (i.e. visible area) in Three.js and Blender don’t match.

Here’s the view in Three.js editor:
Here’s the view in Blender:

I can’t understand the origin of this mismatch. Is it Three.js exporter issue? Should I blame GLTF format that can’t keep all camera settings? Or is it Blender importer related problem?

Thanks in advance!

I am dealing with this issue too. It appears to be related to the default aspect ratio 16:9 in Blender. I am trying to set sensor width and height manually to fix the problem but haven’t tested it yet.

I see the question was posed long ago. But I am wondering if you found the solution to your problem.

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