ConvexGeometry with MeshStandardMaterial


I´m generating a ConvexGeometry from points, which works great. Now I want to give it a material:

var meshGeometry = new ConvexGeometry( pntVectors );
var material = new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial( { map:textureMap } );

But it seems the texture is not mapped on a ConvexGeometry? Is this correct? Is there a way to map it/appear it to the ConvexGeometry?


Instances of ConvexGeometry do not have texture coordinates. So the only way to solve this issue if you generate them in your app.

Phew… is there an example or starting-point how to do that?

I found this via stackoverflow:

But it seems: var meshGeometry = new ConvexGeometry( pntVectors );
…does not have faceVertexUVs nor faces, so how to generate them?

And another thing - by now, i work with modules, I get
Attempted import error: ‘Geometry’ is not exported from ‘three’ (imported as ‘THREE’)

When trying to new THREE.Geometry().fromBufferGeometry( meshGeometry );

Any idea why that is?

THREE.Geometry has been removed from the core with r125, see THREE.Geometry will be removed from core with r125.