Control glow strength for each object

Guys is it possible to control strength of bloom effects for each object individually? I need to make non-glowing objects and 2 glowing objects with different strength of glow

Maybe this will help, but I’m not sure: How to control bloom strength intensity for each mesh material? - #3 by prisoner849

given unrealbloom with threshold 1

material.color.setRGB(1,1,1) // won't glow
material.color.setRGB(2,2,2) // will glow
material.color.setRGB(10,10,10) // will glow much more intensive
material.color.setRGB(100,100,100) // as bright as the sun
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Thank you, it worked! I want to smooth edges of the mesh, because at the moment I can see pixels for some reason, I was thinking that I need to add a render target to your code

If I do this, code compiles

const target1 = new THREE.WebGLRenderTarget(
        type: THREE.HalfFloatType,
        samples: 8,

if I add more options such as:

  minFilter: THREE.LinearFilter,
  magFilter: THREE.LinearFilter,
  format: THREE.RGBAFormat,
  encoding: sRGBEncoding

FPS drastically drops, what can cause the issue?