Constellations skybox

Is that possible to do something like this as skybox ?

  1. Yes. You can probably combine Texture Raycasting with CanvasTexture to get such effect easily.
  2. Even easier, if you don’t insist on using skybox specifically - you could just place 3D objects and connect them in constellations (Shapes may be very handy with that :relaxed:). For what I see even the demo doesn’t really use a skybox, just 3D objects distributed on a sphere (if you zoom out you can see the entire sphere.)

Points with indexed lines could do the trick too :slight_smile:

A small example:


So, First thing i need to try is :

  1. Make a star with coordinate system like this
    The Horizontal Coordinate System

  2. Set Points (star) with indexed lines.

Thank you for any suggestion :slight_smile:

Here is the original SkyGlobe DOS program from 1992 running in an emulator on

Once it loads, you can click the fullscreen icon.

You might be able to adapt my threejs constellation into a skybox.

Example :