Make a skybox that looks like the night sky?

Is there a way to make a skybox for a WebGLRenderer scene that looks realistic? My understanding is that a skybox is just a big cube? If I’m wrong about this please let me know. If I am right, then the big problem will be making it look “curved” from one horizon to the other.

If anyone has done this or has a sample that shows how to do this, please let me know. I would like to use a high-res photograph of a starry sky and make it look realistic.

This (Flickr) may be what you’re looking for: equirectangular panoramas, a.k.a. 360x180 or spherical panorama. Click on an image to view the effect.
Note: these images may be copyrighted!

Within Three.js, you can use an equirectangular image as an envmap/background.

Free HDRI equirectangular envMaps:

How to use them: three.js examples

You might need to convert to JPG first to use the default TextureLoader.

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three has this sky that’s cool when you play around with the settings:

I love HDRI images but whenever I use them with my WebGLRenderer scene they always look out of focus and diffuse. I thought that was just part of the deal. Is that true?