Connecting Loops to create 3D Mesh

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a functionality in Three.js to connect loops to create 3D solids. Or if a function is required to do so and to create individual faces from the loops to create the mesh.

Some software that use OpenGL have this feature and I wanted to know if anybody is familiar with this method.

Refer to pictures below

Thanks in Advance

There is no feature for this in three.js. The only thing that comes close to the pictures is ExtrudeGeometry which allows you to extrude a 2D shape definition.

Thank you a lot Michael,

I will try something out and I will post the code if I need any assistance.

Loft nurbs aren’t supported, only extrusion and sweep nurbs as @Mugen87 said, though they only use a single profile.

However implementing this yourself isn’t complicated if your not new to the matter. If all profiles have the same amount of vertices it’s basically just connecting those with quads, if it’s just straight lines you don’t even need to create the segments from a curve first.

Is there any plan to implement Loft NURBS? Couldn’t the code for this “simply” be adapted from Blender? Or from

Lofting is a important function of 3d modeling. Hope to add the function of lofting entities through curve groups.