Compare step models

Hi guys, this is my first post.

I am looking for a way to compare looking for changes on 2 step models. Does three.js have something that does that?

The idea is to have a way to compare different versions of a 3d model.

Thanks in advance.

Any model format or just GLTF? For any text format, you could just use Git.

The format I would like to compare is .stp/.step but visually, not textually.

Something like this Compare 3D CAD files - Glovius
I found this quickly on google to use as an example.

Here’s a long thread about the STEP file format and threejs.

Comparison is independent of the loader format.

If you can load the old and the new into threejs, it’s a simple matter of traversing each version of the scene. While traversing, maintain a running path of each object in the scene. Put these paths in a set. Then compare the sets. Anything in the new set that’s not in the old set means it was added. Anything in the old set that’s not in the new set means it was deleted.

If you wanted to include transforms (to know if an object was changed), you can extend each set to encode the transform too.

Hope this helps

I was looking for an existing feature. But since you are describing it this way, such a feature may not exist yet. Well this is at least a really good explanation on how it can be implemented. Thanks I will use your explanation to give it a try.