Which is the "best" model type?

I understand that best is relative, so i left it like that.

I read this small article:

And from what is says, it seems that STL is a poor model choice.
It says that it does not support materials and textures, which i don’t know if it is an intrisic property of STL, but you sure as hell can load them with three.js

But STL wins, in term of file size.
So according to your experience, which is the model type that you prefer working with?

Any upsides or downsides? Any advantages in term of code simplicity, code size, or differences in properties?

Best 3D Format for threejs is probably glTF 2.0. https://threejs.org/docs/#examples/en/loaders/GLTFLoader

Could you tell me why you think gITF is the best format, in relation to other format types?

Im no export here, but thats what I know.
Its one of the newest formats created and will therefore fit to nowadays standards and also be updated frequently.
It is written in JSON which works perfectly with JS.
It is small and fast and supports most of the materials used in major 3D Softwares.
There is also a GLB which is the binary version of GLTF.
Its possible to embed textures, having everything in one file.

Also this depends on what youre doing in your project. CAD is for creating 3D Objs that can be manufactured, so they use STL for 3D printing e.g.
glTF is rather for rendering scenes realistically

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glTF is the recommended 3D format of three.js. Some more information about this topic here:

In general, the “best” 3D format depends on the use case. If you want to load 3D models on the web, use glTF.

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First off, thanks for referring to my blog post )).
As others mentioned on this thread already - gltf should be your best choice.

The part2 of the referenced blog post “How To Load 3D CAD Data Into Three.js. Part 2” - explains in details. In brief, due to feature richness, file size and binary form.

Hope this helps.