Color specific edge of geometry

Hi there,

i would like to color one specific edge of a geometry, to make the transition between two objects visible. Here is a screenshot of the problem:

Second image shows the Problem, the Frame should have dark spots where it meets the door. In the first image i used <Edges /> from drei to show the desired look. Only thing missing, that only the outer edges get drawn. I tried with threshold but obviously that does not work.
Does anyone know a solution or a hintz on how to achieve this look another way?

i would use good light placement and N8AO to get some depth back into the scene. like this lingering-lake-5dx7ks - CodeSandbox

i tried it with lighting and N8AO, but i did not manage to get a look i like. I’m using a directionalLight, a ambientLight, HDRI and a spotlight to create highlights. Is this a problem? To many lights? The frame is so small (2mm thick) so i searched for a way to cheat those dark areas created by joints. I mean the spots where different parts meet each other like in this image:

Screenshot 2023-11-21 105239

this is AO, ambient occlusion. it’s just a matter of how much a postpro effect can replicate. i know that n8ao was just overhauled and i haven’t gotten to updating the postpro effect yet, maybe it can creep into finers edges like that now.