Accessing Edge Geometry

I have a number of complex meshes in my scene that have all got EdgesGeometry. I’m looking for a bit of information how to use said geometry.

  1. Am I correct in thinking the edges are stored as a child of the object they are on?
  2. If you have a straight edge, how is that represented, is it a single straight line or lots of little ones?How are circular edges handled?
  3. If I ray cast to to a model I get the face, object and point. Could you point me in the direction how to relate that to the closest edge?

@user123 for first point it is not stored as child its a seperate mesh but it is used to highlight edges of any shape.
for third point yes with ray casting you can grab your edges too

@Yash_Joshi thanksf or the response. Unless I am misunderstanding, wouldn’t that mean I would have double the amount of messages in my scenes children?

@user123 i dont get you can you give me an example or a explaination