Close sides for terrain based on displaced vertices of plane geometry

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Hi there!

In my application, Im changing plane geometry heights by moving the mouse over them and adding displacement value to them. But if we are looking on heights placed on the edges of the plane, they look like a cutout. Please help to fix this by "closing" them like in the original topic, taking into account Im not using a displacement map on material and it`s not a box geometry.

Here is my sandbox with actual code.

Thank you in advance!

Would it work if you keep the edge pixels always 0 (i.e. do now allow writing on them)?

that would be not the best solution for my app, cuz the edges will look like this, if I understand you right:
I simulated few vertices on the edge with Y=0 on current sandbox

See lines 63 and 64. I changed the range.

Looks actually better than i expected, thank you!

I`ll mark this one as the solution

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