Chrome Not Rendering the Canvas at all

Hi my THREEJS site page works find for me in Firefox. But the content just doesn’t get rendered in Chrome as all - can anyone give me advise on why that might be?


It doesnt work on edge browser either
Your tp3d-threejsview element is empty

Yeah.I think that is chrome under the hood as well now. I’m just not sure if it is my Lit-html web component that is failing to ‘inject’ the canvas element OR for some reason Threejs fails to render the canvas and therefore doesn’t get injected?

Any advise welcome I am new to web dev and js…

I have no experience with lit-html, but I think your init function isn’t actually being called.
If I try to debug, it doesn’t get to this line.

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In my definition my element was deriving from another, but I think not available on that page.:

customElements.define(‘tp3d-threejsview’, ThreeJSTestPyramid3dView, { extends: “article” });

removed the extends and now its fine in Chrome (still not showing in ie 11)