Checklist for heisenbugs in ThreeJS

Hi there,

you are doing a great job at ThreeJS! Really great!

I’m facing a Heisenbug in our ThreeJS-based application. Most of the time an object appears when loading the scene correctly, but sometimes it’s just not there. It seems to not make any difference if cache is cleared before loading the scene or not.

Is there a checklist what to do, when facing those hard-to-reproduce-bugs in ThreeJS? Any debugging mode which I can switch on? I found the general troubleshooting-checklist (Troubleshooting - Three.js Tutorials), which doesn’t help me in that case.

Thanks in advance,
Yours Michael

It’s often best to isolate the issue. Meaning remove as many component as possible from your app until you have a small test case. It’s then much easier to investigate such problematic bugs.

Hi Mugen87, thanks for your quick response!
It will be not easy to do that, because the bug doesn’t show always - actually it shows sheldom, which makes it hard to reproduce in order to reduce the code until we have that small test case …