Charmed: Tools for generating and animating 3d characters

This is a site that I built with my team over the last 8 months.

Charmed currently has 3 different tools, each with various 3js components for viewing, manipulating, and editing 3D content.

Geometry Generator- use a prompt or input image to make a new 3D mesh
Texture Generator- create a new UV unwrapped material for an input 3D mesh
3D Animator- auto-rig and retarget animations to a 3D mesh

Here are a couple example characters generated and animated in the tool:

I hope you like it!

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Great job!

You should leave access to see the examples without login, you will lose a lot of users with the forced login.


Thanks, and I appreciate the feedback! I definitely agree on sharing without login. We’re working on a public gallery feature to make that possible…

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To add to the required sign in; Please add SSO implementations for Google, GitHub, etc. A “Register/Login with GitHub” is just two clicks for pretty much every user. I for one tend to avoid websites that explicitly ask for an email address and password (since it’s yet another thing that can leak).

Or you could make a video which would not require a log-in.