Changing frustum planes of Orthographic camera doesn't affect projection in CSS3DRenderer


I described my problem here, but WestLangley told me I should post it here instead, and closed the issue:

I’m pretty sure he’s not right about this, but prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

Any help is appreciated

Support for orthographic cameras was added to CSS3DRenderer this year (see PR).

I assume your reported issue describes a current limitation of CSS3DRenderer. I actually don’t know how this could be implemented but I would consider it as a feature request. Or at least as a suggestion which is worth to investigate.

Hi @Mugen87,
I’ve actually started to work on this, so soon I might be able to come up with a PR that solves this.

The PR has been merged into the dev branch, so most likely the fix will be part of the next release (r99).

Anyone can check the solution (and how we got there) in this thread:

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