Change vertex position over time

New to threejs. I’m trying to achieve the following example using a sphere.
The goal is to have the vertices randomly move around the sphere within a limited radius of their original initialized position.
I also will require to access each one of those points later in order to assign it a new random object.

I have found an example that kind of meets the requirements, but without the animation.
Apologies to the original creator. Not sure whom it was, but all credit is due to them.

Thanks for your help.

No spheres, but you may be able to use techniques from the examples.


From the Collection of examples from .

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Thank you, @hofk !
I’ll try to integrate the examples into my code.
I’ll update if and when this works.

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Working with noise on a sphere, use normalized vertices coords as parameters for noise function: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground


@prisoner849 This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.
The code is a bit too fancy for me at the moment, but I’ll go over it with the proverbial magnifying glass to figure out the code-fu in there.

I’m assuming also that the open-simplex-noise.js library has to be loaded in order for this to work?
Is there a way to do it without it? I’m asking because this is part of a larger collaborative project, and every new library needs quorum approval.
Thanks again for the quick reply. Very elegant in its execution.


If you write your own implementation of noise.

Or use the lib from three.js distributive - ImprovedNoise: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Hey @prisoner849,

I total like your example in this post. Do you think this kind of effect is also possible in a shader? I mean morphing the vertex points of a mesh?


10 minuts ago I made this topic :slight_smile: IsoNoise (Icosahedron + Perlin noise + Isolines + SelectiveBloom)

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Wow nice - need to check that.

The example @prisoner849 is already quite demanding. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Somewhat simpler examples to start with can be found in the collection.


and there also the Little Shader Book


Hey @hofk !

Thanks for the Links. Will take a look on that. Vielen Dank.

All the shader stuff still feels like some kind of voodoo for me. :grinning: