Change user's scene from change event in admin's scene

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to implement a share screen experience cross-browser through WebSocket and Threejs.

I want when the administrator changes the 3d scene in the admin portal, the 3d scene at the user will also change.

I added an event listener for 3d scene in the admin portal and send data event to the user’s browser through Websocket.

// code listen event change in admin site

controls = new OrbitControls(camera, renderer.domElement);

controls.addEventListener('change', function (event) {


// send data to user's browser



this is data I give when has event change:…

But I can’t apply data events to change the user’s scene follow the scene in the admin portal.

// here is code listen event change in user's site

// apply event changed scene
socket.on('changed_scene', (event) => {


let matrix =;

// not working

camera.matrixAutoUpdate = false




I really need help. please help me if you know.

Thank you very much!

let matrix =;

Change it to


matrix is a THREE.Matrix4 instance, and is not iterable. You are supposed to use matrix.elements instead. I recommend camera.matrix.fromArray(matrix.elements) or camera.matrix.copy(matrix) here, so you don’t have to care about the transpose thing.

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Thank you very very much. It’s working well