Camera snaps with OrbitControls after tween

Hello! I am using gsap to have a tween to the point clicked (on the object). While tweening i set orbitcontrols = false and =true after tween completion. After the completion orbitcontrols is activated automatically (without dragging with the mouse) and it also snaps the direction of the camera to another direction. How can i make it so it doesn’t snap and it doesn’t automatically use oribitcontrols after tween?

why do you set a new camera target onComplete?
all commands added while orbit is disabled still execute, it just doesn’t get trough the renderer.
until you enable it, then everything get updated (including targets jump)
Remove onComplete function content to prevent orbit to reactivate and the target to change.

Thanks for responding! The camera is supposed to behave somewhat different than a normal orbit camera: it does not look at a fixed point, rather it is set in a fixed point and it can look around it (like a 360), this is why i am setting a new camera target onComplete. Also, I want orbit to reactivate after tween is finished so you can look around. If orbit is not set to true after tween is complete, the user cannot look around.

you need someting similar to the FPS camera
orbitControl will not help you for this task.
look at the code line 144