Building the three-bvh-csg environment afresh

Another rather basic question, please:

I wish to build a completely new three and three-bvh-csg environment and work on the example programs in three-bvh-csg.

Please confirm if the following steps are correct:

(1) download the latest three-bvh-csg zip file from github and unzip in a new folder

(2) execute “npm install”

(3) execute “npm install three”

(4) execute “npm install three-bvh-csg”

(5) execute “npm run build-examples”

How about the latest version libraries required by three-bvh-csg? Such as three-mesh-bvh? Don’t I need to “npm install” those as well?

Thanks much


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yes the three-mesh-bvh dependency is required to use three-bvh-csg afaik