Build with THREE Js as Webapp or Native app or Progressive Webapp

Hi ,

I have created 3d scenes where I used THREE js and physics library Ammo js .
It basically displays different 3d shapes which react to each other on button clicks .

So I planned to build to make it publicly available .
But I am confused whether to build a Webapp or Native app or Progressive Webapp .
I don’t even know which of these are possible and also how can each be done like using which stack .

And I also wanted to use camera at some point of time , Is that possible ?
And each can signup to make their own account and create,edit and save their own models .

  1. Can anyone say which will be the best choice ?
  2. And also provide some reference like video tutuorials of how to build them .
  3. And also the advantage and disadvantage of each one with regard to three js .

Any small reference would be of great help .



I think Native app would be a good choice here.

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Thanks bro.
Is there any reference to how to get start with it bro.
And can Ammo js be utilized there ??

Yes, but I think you could also use a native physics library which should be faster than a js one.

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three is a web library, you can’t make native apps with it. even if you do, it will run in a webview.

the only exception is react-native, your three app will run in a native opengles context. see: since microsoft itself is involved in react now im pretty sure this will extend to native desktop apps soon as well.


Doesn’t electron count as native?

But I couldn’t find any simulations available in native physics libraries. Do any of them have which I am not aware of !

What about PWA ?
Can I built a webapp and builld pwa with it .

i do some testing with threejs and TWA app you can try my beta app from


electron is just a chrome browser. plain three js is for the web, no escaping it.


What is TWA? And yeah I guess I’m confused is native then stuff like C++?

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You can use a camera

It works on IOS safari, and also contains a chroma key option.

Sourcecode @

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I suggest you make a PWA (which is very simple) or a Hybrid App (feels like native and can be downloaded from the app store) using capacitor.

Ammo (even the wasm version) and three.js will work with both without any issues.

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I just created a awesome three.js project template. PWA and Native App ready! It uses TypeScript and you can easily add React.

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Did we reach a consensus here? :slight_smile: what is the best solution?

That’s awesome thanks.

That was great .I too feel like pwa would be the best way to go . I would surely check that out .
Any tutorials or blogs on PWA with three.js would hlep a lot .

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