Build a 3D Portfolio Adventure with React Three Fiber

Join me in building a 3D Portfolio Adventure using React Three Fiber! Make your portfolio not just informative, but a 3D experience!
Feel free to connect, comment, and share your thoughts! And please share this if you want, to spread the free knowledge with the community. :pray:

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That is amazing. Very detailed explanation.

My only concern is that it is too long – 5 hours, of which only the first two hours have checkpoints with descriptions.

Was it made with a single recording or you had several sessions glued into one video?

Thank you! I appreciate it :blush:
You are right about the length. I had this concern myself. On one hand I know that most people want to build things, and from scratch, and they also want a guide step by step, on the other hand it’s hard to keep the focus for a long time, or might get bored. That’s why I am adding the chapters, so they can jump to a specific part. I am still adding them, by going through the video again, that’s why only the first two hours have the chapters. But I will finish soon.

PS: I took breaks and made several recordings, and then merged them.

Thank you again for taking the time to watch and comment. It means a lot. :pray:

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